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Guest Post: Let’s Bring the Race Dialogue to Starbucks

I was asked to circulate the following article: Earlier this week, Starbucks announced its plans for a new initiative to bravely combat the menace of racism in America. What better way to take this courageous stand than to harangue its … Continue reading

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NeoEugenics: Curiosity or Game‐changer?

A more interesting question is: a more or less egalitarian (not-so-distant) future? (Once the genetic architecture of egalitarianism itself is cracked, this question will take on an even more delicious dimension.) Shulman, C., & Bostrom, N. (2014). Embryo Selection for … Continue reading

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Idiocy of Race Denialism

I presently lack the patience needed to write out a formal critique of this gross stupidity; so I will merely reference my many rebuttals of denialist arguments which are strewn across the comment sections of the following blog posts and … Continue reading

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Bootleg Copy of “A Troublesome Inheritance”


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Why Racialism is Sensible: A Pithy Rejoinder to The Prussian

What is Racialism The Prussian recently wrote a lengthy critique of “racialism”. His central thesis was that: Biology, and to a lesser extent, genetics, has a powerful influence on individual human life but at the group level it is overshadowed … Continue reading

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From the Mad House

Here’s a quote from the Mad House called Open Borders: Imagine how mad you’d be if you even overheard someone with the cojones to actually say this in an interview! Someone claiming that a mere accident of birth that they … Continue reading

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Meetup unregistered my “White American Meetup group”

Last year, on a whim, I created a Cary N.C. “White American Meetup group”. I was busy with other things and so didn’t follow up with it — it only cost $20 and ten minutes of time. I recently checked … Continue reading

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Reed pulls an Unz

Race, Realism, and Race Realists …Let us consider brown people in Peru, a small, heavily mestizo Andean nation of some thirty million. Let us also consider the International Math Olympiad, an annual contest of high-end mathematical talent around the planet. … Continue reading

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Don’t look

Don’t look here or here or take a look here and here in this paper or read this or this if you are a big fan of Acemogluism.

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The Allele Counting Begins

Factor Analysis of Population Allele Frequencies as a Simple, Novel Method of Detecting Signals of Recent Polygenic Selection: The Example of Educational Attainment and IQ Davide Piffer Weak widespread (polygenic) selection is a mechanism that acts on multiple SNPs simultaneously. … Continue reading

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