Meetup unregistered my “White American Meetup group”

Last year, on a whim, I created a Cary N.C. “White American Meetup group”. I was busy with other things and so didn’t follow up with it — it only cost $20 and ten minutes of time. I recently checked my gmail account — I regularly use hotmail — and found out why, apart from mere disinterest, no one had contacted me: Meetup unregistered the groups on the grounds that it violated “Community Guidelines and Terms of Service”. Of course, being an uncreative soul, I simply copied the Hispanic/Asian Meetup group formats; the only possible violation was in the creation of a group for White/European Americans. In a libertarian society, of course, Meetup would have every right to racially discriminate, to allow for the creation of Asian but not White Meetups. Yet, we live in no such one. So, knowing as little as I do, the practice seems legally dubious. Laws, of course, are subject to reinterpretation and alternation — in vague areas such as these, there is often only one way to determine legality. This is going to be a long process, so I better get started. But I honestly have nothing better to do. Of course, if Meetup let the group exist and if people joined that would be another problem. One things at a time, though.


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6 Responses to Meetup unregistered my “White American Meetup group”

  1. Julian says:

    I’m sure the late Lawrence Auster would have something to say about this. It reminds me of his essay about liberal intolerance:

    “The inherent injustice of equality

    The basic reason for the “liberal” double standard has already been alluded to. It is that today’s “liberals” are really leftists who have rejected the older liberal belief in a shared equality of citizens before the law and have embraced the socialist vision of “equality as a fact and equality as a result,” as Lyndon Johnson famously put it. Since people are unequal in their ability to accumulate property, as Hayek argued in the Mirage of Social Justice, equality of results can only be pursued by treating people unequally. This is the origin of the double standard.

    Moreover, since socialism has been discredited following the fall of Soviet Communism, the left has for tactical reasons largely shifted its demand for equality of results away from the economic sphere to the cultural/moral sphere and the advancement of “oppressed” cultural and ethnic groups. The result is cultural socialism, which entails the same kind of bureaucratically imposed egalitarian “solution” as existed under the older socialism, and thus leads to a cultural double standard. This cultural double standard goes something like this: Since “we” (e.g., whites, Westerners, Christians, men, conservatives, Americans, the U.S. armed forces, Republicans, and heterosexuals) constitute an allegedly dominant group in society and are better off than the “Other” (e.g., nonwhites, non-Westerners, Moslems, women, liberals, immigrants, enemy combatants, Democrats, and homosexuals), our superior position violates the imperative of equality. In order for the desired state of equality to be attained, we, the unfairly dominant group, must be condemned, excluded, and dragged down, while the Other must be celebrated, included, and raised up. In short, in the name of equality, society is divided into two radically distinct groups, to which radically different rules apply.”

  2. Why is someone so wrapped up in other “projects” trying to start a meet up group? By the way, I really wish they would grant you this meet up because I for one would like to see this gaggle.

    And why not just start up your very own meet up? No controversy in that though.

  3. jewamongyou says:

    Some will claim that since whites are not (yet) a minority, we should be held to different standards. But there is no doubt that such double-standards will continue, and probably even get worse, when whites do become a minority. Look at South Africa for example, or Detroit.

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