hbd* chick’s bumper sticker ?

re: putnam’s paradise

Fuck Diversity

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. B.B. says:

    OT: I wonder how many of the 20th century’s most eminent psychologists could be considered hereditarians. Haggbloom, et al has a list of the 99 most eminent psychologists based on scientometric measurements:


    Cross-referencing the list with Gottfredson’s Mainstream Science on Intelligence co-signers I see Robert Plomin, Paul E. Meehl, Arthur R. Jensen, Raymond B. Cattell & H. J. Eysenck. Of course relying on Gottfredson leaves off anyone that died before 1994. I’m not very familiar with Lorenz’ work, though I know he worked with the Nazis on racial matters. His views may have changed post-war, though he did still support eugenics in the 70s.

    A good look at eminent evolutionary theorists would also be useful. I don’t know of any scientometric rankings of them, but a few plausible candidates of being both the most eminent and hereditarian come to mind: R. A. Fisher, W. D. Hamilton & E. O. Wilson for instance. I could probably find some more by looking up the creationist literature, because I know they love to demonize Darwinism as racist.

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