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Literacy and Numeracy in England by Race

Below are results from the 2003 and 2011 English skills for life survey. Literacy and Numeracy were measured for the age 16 to 65 population. (Here.) Annoyingly, only %s by skill level were given. Moreover, the distributions was highly unnormal. … Continue reading

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Undermining Progressivism — In Principle, Not Difficult

The Strong Horse By Free Northerner ….. The Jacobins succeeded by being utopian and nice, then slowly expanding the definition of nice. The original Jacobin revolution ended rapidly after they began the Terrors. The more moderate Gramscian Joacobins succeeded by … Continue reading

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Racial Differences in Masculinity-Femininity?

Nyborg thinks so…. Nyborg, H. (2012). Migratory selection for inversely related covariant T-, and IQ-Nexus traits: Testing the IQ/T-Geo-Climatic-Origin theory by the General Trait Covariance model. Personality and Individual Differences. (Compare….) Whether or not this is the case can readily … Continue reading

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