Meng Hu commented:

Lynn has a new paper [on UK ethnic IQ scores]. The sample age is 5 yrs, but blacks averaged 90 IQ points. I am somewhat surprised that bengladeshi and and pakistani scored even lower than blacks. Oh, and black caribbean average 96.6 points.

The problem be …

That Lynn curiously chose to report the age 5 MCS scores rather than the age 7 MCS scores.

I discussed the MCS results over a year ago. Refer here to help understand Lynn’s curious choice of analysis.

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3 Responses to Lynn…

  1. 420blazeitfgt says:

    Off topic:

    “How pleasant it is to live in the 21st century, enlightened, no longer scared of science. We can marvel at the diversity of life with David Attenborough; face the vastness of the cosmos with Brian Cox. These days we talk of colliders and particles as casually as we shop for milk. Science is our oyster.

    Except of course when it comes to genetics. Just try starting an excited conversation about gene therapy, or about the young Chinese genius Zhao Bowen, who is, right now, hunting down the genes for intelligence. Faces will fall, there’ll be talk of eugenics, perhaps a sudden burst of inexplicable fury. This I know because I’ve felt it myself.”

  2. Measle says:

    Why no mention of mixed race? Too high intelligence lol?

    • Chuck says:

      I reviewed the UK B-W IQ scores here. “Mixed race” is an ambitious category. And one has to take into account assortative mating. I have discussed all of this in other posts.

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