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TWCS has a superb post on Afro-Criminality: Whence Afro criminality? “As well, Afros who emigrate to countries that never practiced slavery or colonialism still commit more crimes than other groups there… Disproportionate Afro immigrant crime in France, Switzerland, Australia, London, … Continue reading

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The Dogma of Moral Equality Taken to Its Logically End

Asma, 2013. The Myth of Universal Love Singer, who is perhaps the world’s best known utilitarian philosopher, argues in his book “The Expanding Circle” that the relative neocortical sophistication of humans allows us to rationally broaden our ethical duty beyond … Continue reading

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Political Orientation — Why the gap?

(For a related discussion, see Meng Hu’s on libertarianism and AFQT scores.) In the Add health survey, when restricting consideration to non Hispanic Whites, liberals were significantly more verbally intelligent than self identified conservatives as self defined in both waves … Continue reading

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Meng Hu commented: Lynn has a new paper [on UK ethnic IQ scores]. The sample age is 5 yrs, but blacks averaged 90 IQ points. I am somewhat surprised that bengladeshi and and pakistani scored even lower than blacks. Oh, … Continue reading

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