Jensen Effect on Shared Environment

So much for that argument.

All studies (IQ, achievement, mixed): r(shared environmentality x g) = 0.36, r (heritability x g) = 0.23 K=29, N=14942
IQ only: r(shared environmentality x g) = 0.27, r (heritability x g) = 0.24 K=17, N=5300

(We went through all of the papers available through the triangle online library system which contained the words “subtest(s)” and “heritability”; in a HV post, MH will discuss the inclusion criteria, method, etc.)

Excel file.

As KJK has noted, it wasn’t that good of one in the first place. That said, this analysis puts this line of reasoning to rest. What this means is that shared environment (of the type that varies within populations), like genes, tends to have a greater total effect on the g component than on the non g components. So, from the environmental perspective, the mystery of why racial group differences are both g loaded and environmental is solved (cf. Hunt, 2011). Inheritance (c^2 and/or h^2), in general, induces a Jensen Effect.

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