Jensen Effects on Variance Components in Jacobs et al. 2001

Below are the Jensen Effects on the variance components based Jacobs et al. (2001). The authors didn’t report g-loadings, so I used those reported in Kan (2011) plus the g-loading for WISC-R mazes. I also standardized the components (h^2, s^2, e^2) so that they added up to one.

Jacobs et al ace

Jacobs et al

There was a weak positive Jensen Effect on c^2 in this sample. When I get one or two more analyses done, I will summarize all of the findings.


Jacobs, N., Van Gestel, S., Derom, C., Thiery, E., Vernon, P., Derom, R., & Vlietinck, R. (2001). Heritability estimates of intelligence in twins: effect of chorion type. Behavior Genetics, 31(2), 209-217.

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