Libertarian Realist on Bryan Caplan

I imagine that Caplan’s immigration views are quite rational for him. That is, that they work to efficiently realize his good. What is always strange — or not — about these debates is that only one side seems to recognize the rationality of the other side’s position.


For people who think that my views on “immigration” are “crazy” would the same “views” remain crazy if I were Haitian?

Libertarian Realist

No, Bryan, if you were a Haitian, it would be quite sane for you to advocate that the U.S. adopt an open borders regime. If you were a Palestinian, you’d quite sensibly want Israel to cease enforcement of its borders. And if you were unemployed, you’d quite rationally want to be hired by the employer of your choice.

But if you were an employer, it would be crazy for you to hire someone solely on the basis of their wanting to be hired. If you were an Israeli Jew, it would be crazy for you to champion a demographically overwhelming migration of Arab Muslims, who are hostile to your values, into your country. If you were a freedom-loving American, it would be crazy for you to advocate unlimited inflows of unskilled, crime-prone, Affirmative Action-eligible, future Democrat bloc-voting Haitians with average IQs of 80 into your country — unless you had some strategic reason that you’re not telling us about for wanting to bring about an acceleration of the demographic and political degradation of the United States.

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2 Responses to Libertarian Realist on Bryan Caplan

  1. aisaac says:

    His views are not even rational for him. He’s a libertarian, and these immigrants would vote for policies he doesn’t favor. This has been pointed out to him many times, but to the best of my knowledge he’s never made a counterargument. His views on immigration would make some sort of sense in a place like Dubai, where immigrants outnumber the natives, but the natives are still in charge, because it’s not a democracy. But the US isn’t Dubai.

    Then there’s the possibility that his real motivation is to gnaw at the roots of society as his people often do, but I think he’s more of a spherical-cow-believing academic libertarian jackass.

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