New possible HBD research project

In a recent post over at HV, I indicated that I was going to try to shift emphasis a tad:

I had noted previously that there is diminishing interest in classic HBD topics, such as race and IQ. And, I pointed out elsewhere that virtually no one in the US with an IQ above the 85th percentile currently takes the hereditarian position on race and IQ seriously, at least as judged by the General Social Survey 2012 responses. So, perhaps, the views of HBD proponents are finally coming in line with those of the vast majority of the US population. Indeed, one of the leading minds in this field has recently stated:

Like many of us who are fascinated with human diversity, she has little or no interest in what are called race differences…. No one it seems cares much about that any longer. (Harpending, H. (April 14, 2013). West Hunter).

This increasing disinterest might explain why my colleague’s recent eloquent defense of general intelligence netted 53 comments while my post on my exhaustive analysis of color and IQ amongst siblings of different races, a topic hitherto never explored, netted precisely 0. There are other possible reasons for this, of course. Whatever the case, the nexus between race and IQ doesn’t seem to be as popular of a topic as it once was so it seems that I will do less unwell if I shift my focus elsewhere.

One race unrelated issue worth further exploring is that of Jews, meritocracy, and elite admissions.

Over at the Ulster Institute, Tatu Vanhanen has a new book, Ethnic Conflicts – Their Biological Roots in Ethnic Nepotism. This sounds like a fascinating topic — and something that I would be interested in looking into more. For a 600 or so level research statistics class, a while back, I wrote a paper testing Rushton’s Genetic Similarity Hypothesis with the World Value Survey. The TA, who was grading the papers, must have said something because soon after the professor announced that our paper topics should not deviate significantly from those topics discussed in class. Rushton, of course, wasn’t one of them. (The paper was supposed to be on MANOVA or something — but not caring much for the statistical intricacies per se, I applied the concepts to a topic which I deemed to be more interesting). Anyways, were I to find a link to the pdf version of this book, I might look into this topic some on my own.

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  1. B.B. says:

    I know it is a bit late, but you can download Tatu Vanhanen’s book here:

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