GSS, Eugenics, Abortion

I would suppose that if thirty percent of the population supports eugenics by abortion at least twice that percent would support eugenics by selective implantation. So eugenics does look pretty inevitable, barring prohibition, which is unlikely. That said, I expect eugenic policy to remain about as libertarian as other health care policies — not very.

It is interesting — to me, at any rate — that the most frequent association with “serious genetic defect” was “mental retardation”. I wonder if the high association is purely driven by pragmatic consideration and perhaps unfamiliarity with other conditions…

1567. Suppose a test shows the baby has a serious genetic defect. Would you (yourself want to/ want your partner to) have an abortion if a test shows the baby has a serious genetic defect?


1568. When I say “serious genetic defect,” what kinds of defects do you think of? Any others?


FYI, there is a very slight overlap between support for eugenics and agreement with cognitive HBD:


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