Galton’s Twin Legacy

In addition to founding psychometrics and differential psychology, the prodigious prodigy, Francis Galton, laid the foundation for behavioral genetics, with his pioneering work on twins. A glance at the articles in the 2013 edition of the Journal of Twin Research and Human Genetics gives one an idea of how global this one of Galton’s ideas has gone. In light of this, it’s amazing to consider that not more than two decades ago twin research and behavioral genetics as a research project — as discussed by Nancy Segal in, “Born Together-Reared Apart: The Landmark Minnesota Twin Study” — was still pinned down under heavy fire from academic Marxists and radical environmentalists.

-The Sri Lankan Twin Registry: 2012 Update
-The Adult Netherlands Twin Register: Twenty-Five Years of Survey and Biological Data Collection
-An Overview of Multidisciplinary Research Resources at the Osaka University Center for Twin Research
-The Finnish Twin Cohort Study: An Update
-The Chinese National Twin Registry: An Update
-The Russian School Twin Registry (RSTR): Project PROGRESS
-Resources and Pilot Results for Establishing a Mongolian Twin Register
-The Cuban Twin Registry: Initial Findings and Perspectives
-The Healthy Twin Study, Korea Updates: Resources for Omics and Genome Epidemiology Study
-The USC Adult Twin Cohorts: International Twin Study and California Twin Program
-University of Washington Twin Registry: Poised for the Next Generation of Twin Research
-Australian Twin Registry: 30 Years of Progress
-The Quebec Newborn Twin Study Into Adolescence: 15 Years Later
-The Norwegian Twin Registry from a Public Health Perspective: A Research Update
-The Young Netherlands Twin Register (YNTR): Longitudinal Twin and Family Studies in Over 70,000 Children
-IGEMS: The Consortium on Interplay of Genes and Environment Across Multiple Studies
-The Nigerian Twin and Sibling Registry
-The Guangzhou Twin Project: An Update
-The Qingdao Twin Registry: A Status Update
-The Beijing Twin Study (BeTwiSt): A Longitudinal Study of Child and Adolescent Development
-The Peri/Postnatal Epigenetic Twins Study (PETS)
-Current Twin Studies in Germany: Report on CoSMoS, SOEP, and ChronoS
-Twin Database of the Secondary School Attached to the Faculty of Education of the University of Tokyo: Lifecourse Database of Twins
-Malaysian Twin Registry
-Turkish Twin Study: An Initial Step
-An Update on the Italian Twin Register: Advances in Cohort Recruitment, Project Building and Network Development
-Establishing a Twin Registry in Guinea-Bissau
-The Hungarian Twin Registry

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  1. JL says:

    Yeah, I looked at that issue, too. I was astonished at how many twin studies there are now.

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