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Social Scientists on The impact of stereotypes

A recent paper claims: Racial and gender stereotypes impact virtually every important life outcome, from job interviews to job placement, from housing to education, from police stops to prison terms. For example, Blacks in the United States are less likely … Continue reading

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Galton’s Twin Legacy

In addition to founding psychometrics and differential psychology, the prodigious prodigy, Francis Galton, laid the foundation for behavioral genetics, with his pioneering work on twins. A glance at the articles in the 2013 edition of the Journal of Twin Research … Continue reading

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“Racism has a new name: HBD”

Hbd* chick recently linked to the following Daily Kos article: Racism has a new name: HBD. The writer is obviously none other than the [Erasmussimo] of the comment section of Peter Frost’s “Looking back and ahead” post. For comparison: From: … Continue reading

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