Achievement scores by Parental Race in the HSLS 2009

[If you haven’t guessed, I’m in the process of updating and expanding my The facts that need to be explained post. Unfortunately, I have to do much of the analysis myself (since very few researchers are publishing on this topic) — so, the update is taking a rather long time. By the time I finish a new analysis for my update, I typically have exhausted the amount of time which I am willing to devote to HBD or related ideas. So I end up just posting, on this blog, the day’s or week’s research project. As example, below. The posts, needless to say, are rather boring — at least, they are to me! I apologize to the readers for this.]

re: Malloy, August 16, 2012 at 2:51

Below are the Math Achievement theta scores from the High School Longitudinal Study of 2009 broken down by race of student’s biological parents.

Race of parent interaction HSLS2009

In this sample, at least, I don’t see the interaction discussed in the paper that Jason cited. But, then, that paper didn’t categorize the students by their biological parents’ race.

For the HSLS, I also tried to correlate scores with genealogy for Blacks and Whites. In this sample, parents had the option of choosing “Mixed Race.” I made the reasonable assumption that if one parent identified as “White” and one parent identified as “Mixed” and the student identified as “Black” or “Black and White”, then the parent who identified as “Mixed” was, at least in part, Black. Mutatis mutandis for “Black”,”Mixed”, and “White or White and Black.” This assumption allowed me to identify individuals who were part Black or part White on only one side, which then allowed me to create 5 “genealogical categories” based on parental race: “White/White”,”White/Black-Mixed”, “White/Black”, “Black/White-Mixed”, and “Black/Black”. I ranked these categories in terms of implied White admixture and then correlated them with the mean scores. The results: r =0.81.

Now, I offer this as a demonstration of the types of creative analyses that could be done by the readers. All that is needed is internet access and a little spare time.


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3 Responses to Achievement scores by Parental Race in the HSLS 2009

  1. The fourth doorman of the apocalypse says:

    I think there are two comments that can be made:

    1. It appears to be Asian fathers who have a greater impact on the math scores of their offspring.

    2. There is likely to be restriction of range among the ASIAN/ASIAN scores compared with WHITE/WHITE scores.

    • Chuck says:

      Could you explain your last comment? Thanks.

      • The fourth doorman of the apocalypse says:

        We are not seeing the variance of the parent population they are drawn from. Rather, we are seeing a relatively high IQ subset, it seems to me.

        Of course, I am still reasonably satisfied that East Asian IQs might be a few points, on average, above the white mean.

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