The performance of our new Americans in the National Assessments of Adult Literacy (NAAL)

Same, same.

For related studies see:

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Excel file here.

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7 Responses to The performance of our new Americans in the National Assessments of Adult Literacy (NAAL)

  1. x says:

    like the new layout btw; it’s very “academic”.. it well suits this blog.

    • Kiwiguy says:

      ***like the new layout btw; it’s very “academic”.. ***

      Agree. Although, I think with the name of the blog, some unfairly dismiss it without reading the excellent, fair minded analysis (eg Jason Antrosio refused to allow a link due to the name).

      • Chuck says:

        Feel free to create a new WP blog with a less repelling name and to upload my files there. I’ll give you the password and all. Personally, I don’t care, because, as I indicated to Malloy, I’m not out to sell any ideas to anyone. This is solely Chuck’s Notebook.

    • 猛虎 says:

      One problem with this theme is that it is not easy to distinguish the links in the posts (no color).

      Anyway, if someone here is interested…

      • Kiwiguy says:

        Thanks for the link. I got Nisbett’s book out from the library a couple of years ago. Incidentally, my library has a reasonable range of books on the subject. Including Daniel Seligman’s “A question of intelligence”, the “IQ Controversy” by Stanley Rothman & Mark Snyderman, “The Decline of Intelligence in America’ by Seymour Itzkoff, The Bell Curve, The Intelligence Controversy: HJ Eysenck vs Leon Kamin, Bias in Mental Testing by Arthur Jensen and The IQ argument: Race, intelligence, and education by Hans Eysenck.

  2. x says:

    with this note book background it feels like i am back in high school.

  3. panjoomby says:

    well done! once again – the one-standard deviation difference that won’t go away. thus completing a century of one-standard deviation difference. of course, their african brothers give us a century of two-standard deviation difference.
    the degree of over-representation of blacks in sports (football, basketball, track, etc.) suggest blacks are a standard deviation above whites in whatever it is (speed/athleticism, etc.) that aids sports performance. it seems to be a trade-off — lack of executive skills (diminished “g”) aids performance in sports, & musical improvisation..?

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