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The sociologist’s fallacy

I happened to recently reread the passage below found in Neven Sesardic’s “Making Sense of Heritability”: Sesardic is discussing what has been termed the sociologist’s fallacy. You can read James Flynn’s discussion of this here. On second take, I noticed … Continue reading

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National GMAT scores

Here are the global GMAT scores for the last 5 years. If someone wants to put the scores on an excel file, average the scores for every country which has 50 or more total participants, code the countries for English … Continue reading

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The performance of our new Americans in the National Assessments of Adult Literacy (NAAL)

Same, same. For related studies see: Redebunking Ron Hispanic “Flynn Effect” in the NAEP The Arnaz-Ball effect? Hispanic performance by generation Hispanics, the NLSY 97 More immigrant IQ Not all that… 2nd Gen Black IQ Verbal IQ, race, nativity, ADD … Continue reading

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100 years of TNI

It is not the purpose of this book to prove that Negroes are socially, morally, or intellectually inferior to whites; nor is its purpose to demonstrate that Negroes are the equal of or are superior to whites in these several … Continue reading

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Race Realism and Other Classics

A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History (2014) by Nicholas Wade Clocking the Mind – Mental Chronometry and Individual Differences (2006) by Arthur Jensen Making Sense of Heritability (2005) by Neven Sesardic Hereditary Genius (1869) by Francis Galton Intelligence: … Continue reading

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