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Secular change in the B/W IQ gap (in the US)

[I updated this chart. A description of the study types was added. And some minor corrections were made.] I’m in the process of updating Lynn’s 2006 compendium of African American IQ scores. If anyone is aware of any recent standardization … Continue reading

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Peer effects

Buried in: An empirical analysis of ‘acting white’ Our results are also robust to different notions of academic achievement. We include three additional measures of achievement: math and science grades, participation in academic clubs such as math club, book club, … Continue reading

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Not for want of trying

Half Sigma notes: As Steve Sailer points out, Jon Krosnick, a professor at Stanford University, uses the following question to measure racist attitudes: It’s really a matter of some people just not trying hard enough; if Blacks would only try … Continue reading

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Predictive validity of IQ is a genetic effect?

A while back, Steve Sailer was discussing how much of IQ research is hollow. The usage of “hollow,” here, alludes to Jensen’s use of the term with regards to IQ tests. By Jensen’s usage, score gains that don’t involve general … Continue reading

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John Baker’s “Race”

Meng Hu has scanned John Baker’s classic, “Race.” You can download it here.

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Colorist Quagmires

1. A quick google scholar search delivers 1,540 hits for “colorism” since the year 2000. That’s quite a bit fewer than the 273,000 for “racism” but nonetheless substantial. 2. For those who don’t follow this debate, “colorism” is the new … Continue reading

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Correlation between skin color and AFQT scores within and between African American families in the NLSY 97: a re-analysis

[Updated: I redid this analysis and I updated the file below. Here were the correlations: While the small sample sizes preclude a definitive conclusion, the results seem to be in accordance with neither the hypotheses of strong colorism nor strong … Continue reading

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Constructive criticism has led Chuck to place as pending his last post. The issue is currently under investigation.

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