Mirror Mirror on the wall, which state has the smallest gap of them all?

Below lists the 2012 SAT (math and reading) and ACT (composite) B/W score differences by state. For the SAT, D.C. had the largest gap at 2.26 sigmas, while New Hampshire had the smallest at 0.46. For the ACT, D.C. again had the largest gap at 2.1 sigmas; while Wisconsin had the smallest at 0.62. A similar analysis was done by the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education using 2000 scores. So, if you wish, you can compare the race by state gaps over time.

Generally, what’s remarkable is the geographic regularity of the gap. In no state or territory is it absent. This consistency was investigated in more detail by one of my readers, who looked at all schools in Florida and New York. (His PDF files for New York and Florida can be found, respectively, here and here.) He noted that of the 545 schools in Florida in which there were at least 10 Black and 10 White students, in 535 of them Whites outperformed Blacks. Of the 272 schools in New York that met the same qualification as above, in 255 Whites outperformed Blacks.

The geographic consistency of the US B/W gap is yet another curiosity for which there seems to be no good explanation.

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