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Do DoDEA schools in Germany close the gap?

Rather than wasting my time reading the American Conservative or watching Bonanza on ME TV, I took a look at the 2011 TerraNova math and reading scores of Blacks and Whites in every DoDEA school in Heidelberg and Bavaria. As … Continue reading

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“Hispanics are natural conservatives”

(Hat tip HBD Chick) good luck GOP.

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More national IQ estimates

Gerhard Meisenberg kindly sent me the following paper, which I was unaware of, in which he and Richard Lynn estimated national IQs using a broader set of international achievement tests: Meisenberg and Lynn, 2011. Intelligence: A Measure of Human Capital … Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror on the wall, which state has the smallest gap of them all?

Below lists the 2012 SAT (math and reading) and ACT (composite) B/W score differences by state. For the SAT, D.C. had the largest gap at 2.26 sigmas, while New Hampshire had the smallest at 0.46. For the ACT, D.C. again … Continue reading

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New Rindermann paper

For those interested, intelligence researcher Heiner Rindermann has a new paper in press: Rindermann, H. African cognitive ability: Research, results, divergences and recommendations. Personality and Individual Differences (2012), In brief, he presents some new data, estimates the mean African … Continue reading

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Caribbean National IQ re-estimates

[For more National IQ re-estimates refer to Cuba’s anomalously high National IQ and African National IQs, redux] I’ve been playing around with a model of immigrant selection in which selection is a function of both the National IQs of the … Continue reading

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…feed the beast

He’s so comically self-aggrandizing, that I can’t help but to [feed his ego] … just to see his smug follow up. …Consider, for example, the results from Germany obtained prior to its 1991 reunification… To be released in the November-December … Continue reading

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Narrowing the Genetic-Environmental uncertainty — if you wish

In a recent post I concluded: So far everything Ron has presented is utterly dismissible. That said, a strong case against global hereditarianism of even a modest amount can be made (forthcoming, perhaps). Ron just isn’t making it. As for … Continue reading

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