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The Arnaz-Ball effect?

In the last post, we saw that the Hispanic-non Hispanic White score gap was 0.8 SD in the NLSY 97.* The majority of Hispanics are Mexican and this differential is no less than that between non-Hispanic Whites in the US … Continue reading

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Hispanics, the NLSY 97

[Update: I found NLSY 79 and NLSY 97 AFQT scores broken down by generation in Hansen et al. (2010). The scores from the two studies were not directly comparable, so Hansen et al. transformed them in the manner discussed by … Continue reading

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Hispanic performance by generation

In light of Ron Unz’s assertion that the Hispanic-White (non-hispanic) differential has greatly narrowed in recent years, I decided to examine the change in the magnitude by generation. Numerous samples over the past three generations have consistently point to a … Continue reading

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No exception

Re: The East Asian Exception to Socio-Economic IQ Influences One problem with Ron Unz’s new theory of Mongoloid fitness (i.e., that East Asians developed a novel genetic resistance to cognitively depressing environments), invoked to explain the “Asian Socio-Economic exception,” is … Continue reading

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National IQ references

National IQ (or “Human Capital”) estimates Hanushek and Woessmann. The Economics of International Differences in Educational Achievement Lynn and Vanhanen, 2012. Intelligence: A Unifying Construct for the Social Sciences Rindermann, 2007. The g-Factor of International Cognitive Ability Comparisons: The Homogeneity … Continue reading

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HSLS 2009 adoption and biracial data

Edit: A comment by Steve led me to take another look at the data, this time using sample weights, which correct for missing data. Based on the weighted data, the hybrid performance is consistent with a genetic hypothesis but the … Continue reading

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More haplogroups and National IQ

Haplogroups statistically explain 50% of the IQ variance among 42 nations. The amount explained is approximately the same as found by Rindermann et al.; the novelty of this paper is that a globally representative sample is used. Lynn and Vanhanen’s … Continue reading

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Spearman’s theory

Shouldn’t Spearman’s hypothesis have graduated to the level of theory by now? McDaniel and Kepes, unpublished. Spearman’s Hypothesis Is a Model for Understanding Alternative g Tests Periodically, researchers claim to have developed an alternative general cognitive ability (g) test that … Continue reading

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