I wasn’t in the best mood as my wife, following the GPS’s misdirections down a dirt path, drove the car into a sand pit on the way to a lighthouse, and I spent the better part of an hour attempting to unearth it.

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  1. michael says:

    until recently i used to ask people discussing these things to define racism i felt it was bandied like fascist ive always been a ‘race realist’ because science was my favorite subject so hbd is no brainier pun intended. but heres the thing ive never been as the kids say a hater, ive been accused here and there but i always have had good friends of many races and they know im a rabid anti liberal and appreciate i think that i dont ingratiate myself with people they earn my friendship and vice a versa i should mention i grew up with and work and live in majority minority environments so my working clas minority friends know i know the deal buppie friends know im blacker than they are and makes them a bit nervous lol..recently i found all i learned from bell curve and much worse is pretty indisputable now its takes a couple months to research this wasn’t the rantings and forgeries of a genteel racist like jared. in the course of this i realized i was the one confused about the word racism its defined as what i believe in fact ive always believed and somehow gotten away in quite liberal nyc twpl environments theirs differences and some differences are preferable thats racism so im really no different than jared et al,my deal used to be a rail against multi cultism id say tings like its absurd to pretend Zulu tribal rhythms are as comparable to Bach but id also say you cant tell kids to hate their race and expect them to appreciate another what they learn is culture is bullshit grownup crap and develop a yute culture. one of my first childhood favorite sciences was anthropology pyramids so i really meant this i am fascinated by human culture but i love my own best and i think objectively it is the best i am glad i dont have to be an outsider in western society but any of us European sub cultures had some pretty dull moments Germans were Celtic slaves for a long time Celts were pretty low brow till they saved civilization the Greeks and Romans well obviously they must have come from space they cant be related to ….. ok heres finally the point we can be racists and not haters,its really not fair to hate them some of the people who got fed up with trying to keep my Irish forefathers in chains traded for blacks we brought them here they cant help having a low iq or all the rest and honestly they were doing a bit better in Africa before we screwed that continent up in any case we cant send them back so they are our American brother and our brothers in Christ, yes their are times when id like to ship them all back and certainly i dont have white guilt for current behavior but some liberal whites ought to they really fucked them up with welfare and instilling hatred in them now the socialists i would put in ovens no problem. the Hispanic invasion must be stopped to have any chance of dealing with the blacks. also we can not gain allies with hate.Jareds shown blacks get this too

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