Irrationally banned from RationalSkepticism

I was recently summarily banned from RationalSkepticism for making eminently defensible statements, on the ground that I was “promoting racism.” They included statements:

(a) in defense of the zoological race concept as applied to human populations
(b) in defense of unspecified congenital zoological race differences
(c) in defense of local racial hereditarianism accompanied by a critique of the global variety
(d) in defense of the right to identify racially
(e) in defense of the right to racially discrimination commensurate with the right to religiously discriminate

Admittedly I was defending racism, just not the irrational type. I emailed the board administrators twice, explained my positions in detail, and no reply has been forthcoming. I no longer expect defenders of the status quo to act rationally. When they do, it’s the exception.

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4 Responses to Irrationally banned from RationalSkepticism

  1. ethnicmuse says:

    Not everyone is up for an open discussion. People who call themselves ‘rational’ are some of the least logical creatures you will ever have the displeasure to interact with.

  2. fnn says:

    You should have heard the truly crazed denunciation of James Watson by the twenty-something skeptic-chick on the The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe podcast in 2007.

  3. Kiwiguy says:

    The Rational Skeptism forum was set up by the people who are behind Richard IIRC they set it up after some problem with trolls on the Richard Dawkins site.

    Anyway, the same intolerance of discussing the implications of darwinism in terms of ethnic differences appeared there too. First the moderators set up a discussion on whether they needed to lower the threshold for banning people for discussing race. Then they banned a number of members who simply defended Jensenist type positions.

  4. Qukis says:

    I was banned from this stupid forum after 2 posts for asking their opinion about certain products. I guess they thought I was spamming or sth… The forum should change their name from rational skepticism to irrational paranoia.

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