I finished my review of the data. Read the latest version here. I can now with confidence say that I am convinced that the Black-White IQ gap in the US is probably more genetically conditioned than not. I based this on the following:

(1) Given the within group heritabilities, the a prior probability that a random sub-populational difference of this magnitude is more genetic than not, is over 50%.
(2) The data is consistent with a genetic hypothesis. I have not been able to find one inconsistent piece of evidence. And I can confidently say that I have looked at every counter-argument rendered.
(3) The data is not obviously consistent with any known environmental hypothesis. And making it consistent requires numerous ad hoc additions (e.g., “cultural g,” as discussed.)

I am delighted to conclude that I am finished — for now — with this specific aspect of the issue.

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3 Responses to Finished

  1. podard says:

    Well done! Any plans to take your evidence to the MSM?

  2. x says:

    i’m sure they’d be more than thrilled to take chuck’s account on board. get the NYT on the horn, now!

    but in all seriousness chuck good work, as usual.

  3. M says:

    Although the NYT may not be receptive, Chuck’s detailed and well-referenced review might be suitable for publishing [on an anonymous wordpress blog]. This would have the benefit of generating [few] peer reviews and might prove [safe to Chuck’s ego], even if the article is not published.

    [Chuck agrees that it would be nice to hear informed criticism].

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