Trans-national adoptee performance

More conflicting trans-national adoption data. (Typically Korean adoptees perform above the indigenous European mean…on the other hand, adoptees from the tropical regions performed about 2 stanines (1 SD) lower.)

Odenstad, et al., 2012. Does age at adoption and geographic origin matter? A national cohort study of cognitive test performance in adult inter-country adoptees

(When I say conflicting I mean conflicting. is a large meta-analysis.)

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2 Responses to Trans-national adoptee performance

  1. x says:

    are ‘tropical regions’ specified?

    • Matt says:

      “The remaining 1548 individuals were born in other countries, Non-Korean adoptee (NKA) group. India was the most common country of origin, followed by Thailand, Chile, Ethiopia, Colombia and Sri Lanka.”

      So not exactly specified, but probably principally South and Mainland South East Asians and Mestizos (you could interpret that they mainly were not. rather than that these were just the largest groups, but I would not think they would choose that phrasing if so). Chile’s not really tropical, but it fits for the other regions.

      The SDs and ranges suggest that none of these groups particularly pull apart from the others, i.e. the SDs and ranges within this group are comparable to the Korean adoptee group (possibly slightly increased in the Korean group due to smaller sample size?).

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