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Weiss on relative racial homogeneity

Courtesy of Ron Unz you can now, for free, read Volkmar Weiss’ 1991 contemplation on a question that I have been asking. For both the neoeugenic and dysgenic folk the topic should be of some interest. The relative homogeneity in … Continue reading

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Apologia for racial hereditarianism

I have spent an inordinate amount of time investigating these issues as it has been very difficult for me to accept that race and cognitive realism are legitimate positions. Doing so necessitates that I accept the perfidiousness of large swaths … Continue reading

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Contemporary western philosophy is degenerate

When I was 30 credits into a philosophy major at a small northeastern private college, it dawned on me, during a class on ecofeminism, that Western philosophy had largely become degenerate. At that time, it also stuck me as odd … Continue reading

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I wasn’t in the best mood as my wife, following the GPS’s misdirections down a dirt path, drove the car into a sand pit on the way to a lighthouse, and I spent the better part of an hour attempting … Continue reading

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Unfair to be smarter

This is what the Unfaircampaign comes down to. Or it would, had the anti-racists not won their war against truth, specifically against IQ realism, a victory which allows douchebag academics to make bald-faced lies about the etiology of social outcome … Continue reading

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Irrationally banned from RationalSkepticism

I was recently summarily banned from RationalSkepticism for making eminently defensible statements, on the ground that I was “promoting racism.” They included statements: (a) in defense of the zoological race concept as applied to human populations (b) in defense of … Continue reading

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Thai national IQ 98?

This post originally discussed a large 2011 study by the Thai Department of Mental Health which suggested that the Thai national IQ was 98. National IQ expert, Jason Malloy, has since thoroughly investigated the issue. Readers are referred to his … Continue reading

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I finished my review of the data. Read the latest version here. I can now with confidence say that I am convinced that the Black-White IQ gap in the US is probably more genetically conditioned than not. I based this … Continue reading

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Inductivist partially answered

Inductivit queried: Phil Rushton and colleagues at the journal Personality and Individual Differences continue to push the the theory that genes explain the worldwide correlation between skin tone and important behaviors… As Razib Khan has explained on this blog, pleiotropy … Continue reading

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Prospects for explaining the B-W IQ gap

This is a continuation of The facts that need to be explained. Envrionmental-biological causation We can classify potential causes of a mean difference according to the neuropsychological pathways by which they are proposed to work. The most general classes are … Continue reading

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