Are the Trayvon/Zimmerman opinion differences IQ commensurate?

(Hat tip Human Stupidity)

Perplexed, Human stupidity states: “Amazing how white and black Americans have totally different perceptions. The truth can only be one, and the same evidence is known to all.”

Amazing, indeed. And yet as Poincare once noted, it is the job of scientists (and, we might add, internet bloggers) to identify the regularities which tie the many amazing curiosities of our world together.

The standardized difference in belief in guilt is 1.1 (0.72 to 0.32), the standardized difference in belief in innocence is .85 (0.01 to 0.07), and the standardized difference in agnosticism is .89 (0.27 to 0.61). Where have we seen those magnitudes before? To alleviate your curiosity, refer to page 254-269 in Robert Gordon’s magnum opus, Everyday Life as an Intelligence Test: Effects of Intelligence and Intelligence Context.

72% of Blacks, 31% Non-Blacks Believe George Zimmerman is Guilty: Why the Racial Differences?

Blacks are much more likely than nonblacks to have an opinion about Zimmerman’s guilt. Overall, 72% of blacks say Zimmerman is definitely or probably guilty of a crime; 1% say he is not. Nonblacks also say Zimmerman is guilty, by 32% to 7%, but well over half of nonblacks say Zimmerman’s guilt is unclear from the available information.

Blacks are more certain about their opinions than are nonblacks. Blacks who say Zimmerman is guilty of a crime are significantly more likely to say he is definitely guilty than probably guilty, while nonblacks tilt more toward the “probably guilty” choice.

Additionally, 72% of blacks say racial bias was a major factor in the events that led up to the shooting death of Martin, with another 13% saying it was a minor factor. Nonblacks, on the other hand, are significantly less certain, with 31% saying racial bias was a major factor, 26% saying it was a minor factor, and 25% saying it was not a factor at all Gallup

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2 Responses to Are the Trayvon/Zimmerman opinion differences IQ commensurate?

  1. Thanks for your comment. Quite interesting.

    You might want to read the Race & Intelligence section of Maybe you want to link to that section as other issues of ours might not match the interest of this blog.

    Quite interesting that nobody analyses the reasons for different perceptions of reality in Blacks and Whites.

    IQ and impulsiveness. And yes, it is cultural too. White guilt, black rage, rap, blaming slavery, and victim mentality.

    And total lack of black self-consciousness: for the decent good Blacks to know that their fellow Blacks are misbehaving. Obama at least hints at this occasionally, that they need to work and study.

  2. KG says:

    OT, but nooffensebut has a nice new post up with some cool graphs.

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