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New Jensen paper

If you missed it, I referenced Jensen’s latest paper below. I guess he hasn’t got word of my Hereditarian debunking.

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Are the Trayvon/Zimmerman opinion differences IQ commensurate?

(Hat tip Human Stupidity) Perplexed, Human stupidity states: “Amazing how white and black Americans have totally different perceptions. The truth can only be one, and the same evidence is known to all.” Amazing, indeed. And yet as Poincare once noted, … Continue reading

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UK, secular narrowing in the IQ gap

To better understand the UK data, I plotted the standardized difference by birth year, which I simply estimated as study publication date minus median subject ages. The studies presented by Lynn (2006) are in red; the studies that I have … Continue reading

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No Flynn effect for ECTs

I just came across this discussion on Bruce Charlton’s Miscellany. Charlton cites a paper by Irwin Silverman which shows a secular increase in simple reaction time. I plotted the data points below. Different methods were used across studies, so there’s … Continue reading

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Data Please

If any readers are interested, I would be willing to pay for an analysis of the UK 2006/2009 PISA data by ethnicity by nativity. (Were you to do this as a charitable service, I would be much obliged — but … Continue reading

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Race, class, and cognition in the UK

[Update: Random Human left a comment which sums up my feelings on this matter: Yeah, the tests seem to discriminate just fine. This is really troubling data for the racial-hereditarian position and has caused me to update away from it … Continue reading

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More evidence: UK math and reading achievement gaps

There is not a truth existing which I fear or wish unknown to the whole HBD community — Chuck Statsquatch questioned my previous analysis: The data in your graph is from two different studies and cohorts and is taken at … Continue reading

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A gaping hole in the Master’s evolutionary theory

[Edit: Corrections made as needed. I guess I need to start looking into the nootropics.] [Note: To see the evolution of my thoughts on this refer to my others posts on the UK gap: Occidentalist, 2011. The General Mental Ability … Continue reading

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More UK data — more HBD skepticism

Here are the age 7 g scores from wave 4 of the Millennium Cohort Study. The kids were tested in 2008 using the British Ability Scale. The first column shows the gQ, the second column shows the standard error, and … Continue reading

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Race gaps in Holland and the fading reality of race

Relatively large decreases in racial gaps over a decade don’t increase my confidence in a global genetic hypothesis. Below are the dutch CITO gaps (SDs = 10) as reported in Gijsberts, et al., 2012. The CITO is given by 85% … Continue reading

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