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Colorism and Crime

One of the many arguments for colorism runs: Darker African-Americans have been found to receive longer prison terms than lighter African Americans. Ergo.. Yes, that’s the argument — with the implicit premise being: And there are no plausible causes, besides … Continue reading

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Intra-National IQ differences

Flynn has a paper in press which makes, once again, the Flynn effect to the rescue case: Table 5c gives Raven’s trends from the developing world. Kenya and Dominica appear to have embarked on a period of explosive gains. Sudan … Continue reading

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Gaps around the world

I’ve decided to take Richard Lynn up on his 2010 challenge: “If a multiracial society is found where these race differences in intelligence are absent, the evolutionary and genetic theory of these differences would be falsified. Those who maintain that … Continue reading

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A little bit of difference goes a long way

In response to my post about the UK Black-White difference (or lack thereof) – and its implications for race realism, I received a virtual laundry list of environmentalist explanations: The negative effect of White UK culture: The big thing to … Continue reading

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Zachslebachlsegooglebop differentiation

fringeelements’ last video on race for the foreseeable future. One bizarre argument which fringeelements confronts is the Loring Brace argument that populations couldn’t have differentiated, genetically, with respect to general intelligence. This argument, which Jensen debunked numerously years ago, is … Continue reading

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Partially falsified

[Update: Kiwiguy dug up 2006-2010 UKCAT annual report scores. I added them to the discussion below. I also added 2008-2009 UK laws school test (LNAT) results] As usual, JL managed to unearth some obscure document as counter-weight to my otherwise … Continue reading

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Is (global) “race realism” still tenable?

I’ll note that I put up one the the strongest defenses of a genetic hypothesis, period. I went beyond even academics such as Rushton and Lynn and cleverly re-analyzed decades old studies using contemporary genetic findings. See, for example, my … Continue reading

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