Not all that…

[I’m not synthesizing and commenting much because I’m in data collection mode. This blog represents my online race/IQ/culture etc., notebook. Which is why many of these posts are rather disjointed — This is a follow up to Smart Blacks, 2nd Gen Black Success, 2nd Gen Black IQ, and Immigrant Selection and Regression.]

I uncovered some more data on 2nd gen US immigrant IQ/cognitive ability by race using the International Explorer. We’re interested in these scores for reasons discussed before. I’m interested specifically because 2nd gen performance was used against me in a Bell Curve argument. And since Jason Malloy and Steve Sailer were the only ones in the HBD-sphere who had blogged about this — in context to actual data points — I had little to cite in defense of my position.)

TIMSS (2007) had some information. (I included s.e. and SD so you could calculate the sample size.) Math (grade 4) and Science (grade 4):

PIRLS (2006) also had some information. Reading (Grade 4):

I’m not seeing the supposed stellar performance of 2nd Gen Blacks. I have now identified eight independent sources of data which collectively show that 2nd Gen Blacks significantly underperform 2nd and 3rd Gen Whites.

[PISA (2006, 2009) Math (Age 15) had some information on Hispanic and Asian performance.

[Immigration status [Native: self or at least one parent born in the country of assessment; Second generation: self born in country but both parents born in another; First generation: self and both parents born in another country]


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