Saving the Alt Right from “race realism”

I’ve decided to try to falsify HBD. My most recent GSS analysis was a failed attempt.. I’m firing up SPSS for a deeper look at the ADD health data.. A preliminary random sampling of the wave III data showed a zero order skin color-IQ correlation amongst Blacks — despite the numerous outcome-color correlations found by Inductivist — disconfirming a B-W hereditarian hypothesis.. I’ll post results when I run my analysis on the full data set..if that fails, I’ll return to the immigration data..

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5 Responses to Saving the Alt Right from “race realism”

  1. JL says:

    I once ran some analyses on the skin color-IQ association in the ADD Health data. IIRC, the relationship is approximately linear in the first wave data, but much less so in Wave III. In addition to running regressions, you should look at the average IQs of each skin color category.

  2. JL says:

    Is there a skin color variable only for one wave or several? If the latter, you could check how reliable it is, i.e. is the inter-rater concordance high.

  3. Nyk says:

    “I’ve decided to try to falsify HBD.”

    You can’t do that, unless you’re specifically referring only to differences in intelligence between races .

    Normally, falsifying “human neurological uniformity” would be a noble scientific thing to do. However, it is likely most statistical data collected is “massaged” so as to obtain the desired conclusion. HBD is most certainly not the conclusion that most sociology professors gathering data want to present to the world. It is a fringe position and its open adherents are usually socially ostracized.

    Any honest former believer in Relativity seeking to disprove it while operating in Nazi Germany (with their “Jewish science propaganda) cannot ever hope to be credible enough working in this kind of environment. Neither should you, working in an environment disparaging “racist science”. There are too many incentives to conform with the official position rather than to be honest.

    Before trying to falsify HNU, you have to make sure that this radical contrarian position can be openly researched and talked about without censorship or negative social repercussions.

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