Color and IQ among African Americans in the ADD health data

I just ran bivariate correlations. The sample was filtered for self-indentifying US born African Americans (variable: H3OD4B) in wave III of the ADD health data. In the first table, “black” means “black color” and “white” means “white color.” The second table summarizes the within-between race differences. The thirds table lists the correlations. The correlations were significant in both Wave I and III of the study. Interestingly, the correlation increases with age, a phenomena which can be explained both environmentally and genetically.

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7 Responses to Color and IQ among African Americans in the ADD health data

  1. JL says:

    Interesting, thanks for doing this. I remembered that the association was weaker in Wave III, but perhaps I fumbled something.

    IIRC, the black SD is larger than the white one in these data. Any ideas on that?

    • Chuck says:

      JL, Can you check something out for me? I’m trying to look at the NLS 97 data. You can download specified variables and create data sets tailored to your needs here: Which is really neat. I’m having trouble opening the data, though. In the help section, I’m told:

      “Go to the folder where the data were extracted and double-click on filename.sps. This will open two screens in SPSS: the Data Editor and the Syntax Editor. The Data Editor will be blank. In the Syntax Editor you should see the data dictionary, variable names, variable labels, some missing values command, and a descriptives command. On the tool bar of the Syntax Editor you will see the Run button. Click on this button and choose “All.” SPSS will run the syntax file, which will read the data from the filename.dat file into the Data Editor. The results of the descriptives command will appear in the SPSS viewer. Once the data have been read into the Data Editor, you will be able to use all available SPSS commands.”

      But after I hit the run button, I get a slew of error messages and nothing opens. I was wondering if you had any ideas?

      • JL says:

        I had the same problem with the NLSY1979 data once. IIRC, it’s because there’s a wrong file path in the .sps file. Change that and it should work.

  2. W74 says:

    Hell yeah SPSS!!!

    Unfortunately JL the StDv is the least important statistic up there. Some of them could actually be thrown out, for example the numbers for blue and green eye color have 4 and 3 participants respectively. These COULD be misrepresentative samples of a true population, but if the participants were only self-identified African Americans then it explains why there are so few of them; blue and green have a tough time going up against brown.

    Odd that their mean scores are 111 and 103 though. Blue and green eyes are most likely indicative of significant White admixture. From what we “who can see” already know, this is probably the case. Take a look at those who identified themselves as the lighter most skin shades, there scores are significantly higher than the super-darkies. Again, White admixture which would elevate them closer to the white average.

  3. Lone says:

    Why are white people so fascinated by black people when they are at the bottom and white people are getting passed by East Asians? When you are number one you don’t look at last place you look at your closest competitors. If white people really care about their future as a race they would focus on themselves first and their competitors second not Wuantell and La’Queesha who got everything handed to them by white people. I don’t think about black people. They were chucking spears before white people made contact with them and everything they have today is the result of white people. The main reason I think white people focus on black people is because they are the most vocal (and most amoral) in their resentment toward white people. Other groups are not as vocal and East Asians tend to be quiet which leads to less material people can talk about yet the resentment is still there. The threat they pose is even greater because of their intelligence and social characteristics. I suggest people read Chinese Characteristics by Arthur Henderson Smith.

    • Chuck says:

      This isn’t about Black people. This is about liberal-progressive-high-IQ-status mongering White people (and Co.) who blame the rest of us for the failures of “people of color.” It’s ultimately about the perspective of the author of this article: :

      “Why Can’t We All Just Be Individuals?: Countering the Discourse of Individualism in Anti-racist Education”

      “In my years as a white person co-facilitating anti-racism courses for primarily white audiences in a range of academic, corporate, and government institutions across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, I have come to believe that the Discourse of Individualism is one of the primary barriers preventing well-meaning (and other) white people from understanding racism. ….I had just finished presenting this list and had called for a break, during which a white woman, “Sue,” who had been sitting next to a white man, “Bill,” approached me and declared, “Bill and I think we should all just see each other as individuals.”….So what was Sue and Bill’s point? In my experience, when white people insist on Individualism in discussions about racism, they are in essence saying: My race has not made a difference in my life, so why do we have to talk about race as if it mattered?…Obviously I disagree with these familiar dominant claims, as they stand in the face of all evidence to the contrary, both research-based evidence of racial discrimination and disparity on every measure (see Copeland, 2005; Hochschild & Weaver, 2007; Micceri, 2009; Wessel, 2005) and visible evidence of ongoing patterns of segregation in education, economics, and housing.”

      Fuck him and Fuck you if you can’t understand that.

  4. Chuck says:

    Thanks. Got it. The NLS 97 is rather more difficult to figure out than ADD health or 79. I spent a good half an hour looking for readily manipulatable nativity variables — and came up with nothing.

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