2nd Gen Black IQ

[Update: I found three more sources: Program for International Student Assessment (PISA)(2009), Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) (2007), and The Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) (2006). All three indicate the 2nd Gen Black immigrants perform substantially below 2nd Gen White immigrants and 3rd+ Gen Whites. See: Not all that… and Biracial Black-White Pisa 2009.]

In the last post, I concluded that if 2nd generation Blacks in the US had IQs no lower than 3rd+ generation Whites, the genetic racial difference between Black Africans and White Europeans could be no more than 0.6 standard deviations. This begs the question, what is the 2nd Gen Black IQ? I found 6 sources that provide hints of this Kao (2004), Masey et alia (2007), Bennet and Lutz (2009), Richwine (2009), my crack at the ADD health data, and Jason Malloy’s analysis of the GSS data.

Kao (2004) and Bennett and Lutz (2009) analyzed the national educational longitudinal study (NELS). The immigrant Black sample size was about 95. The standardized difference based on the data reported in Kao and Bennet and Lutz was .8 SD and .45 SD, respectively. The differences were statistically significant.

Massey et al. (2007) analyzed the National Longitudinal Survey of Freshmen (NLSF) and compared “native Blacks” to “Black immigrants.” They defined “Black immigrants” as “students who reported having at least one parent born abroad.” The Black immigrant N was 281. Blacks immigrants scored 111 points lower on the SAT than Whites and 57 points higher than other Blacks. The differences were statistically significant. Assuming 200 points per SD, the difference amounts to .55 SD.

Richwine (2009) analyzed the National Immigrant Survey data. He found that the children of African immigrants performed .8 SD below native Whites on backwards digit span.

Malloy analyzed the General Social Survey (GSS) data. The index of IQ used is Wordsum. Individuals that identified as “African, US born” had average measured IQs of 90 (n 1343), those identifying as “black’, foreign born” had average IQs of 88 (n 182), and those identifying as “

black, US born, parents foreign born” had IQs of 93 (n 27)

. [I reanalyzed this. The second generation Black-native White gap was .6 SD (n = 82).]

I analyzed the ADD health data. The index of IQ used is picture vocabulary. Individuals identifying as Black and who indicated that their mother, father, or father and mother were not US born, had average measured IQs over .75 SD below the White mean (n 62 to 26). Individuals who identified as Black and indicated that one of their parents were born in a specific African region (Nigeria, South Africa, E/C/W Africa) had average IQs less than .2 SD below the white mean (n 10 to 16). The results were highly sensitive to the identifiers selected. [I reanalyzed this. The second generation Black-native White gap was .75 SD (n = 53).]

Best Guess. Based on the skimpy data above, the 2nd generation Black IQ is somewhere between 0.8 and 0 SD below the native White IQ. An average of the averages suggests around 0.5 SD.

Data pics and references herez

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4 Responses to 2nd Gen Black IQ

  1. elitist says:

    1) Given the use of race quotas in education higher education in the US, educational attainment is by no stretch of imagination a surrogate for IQ.

    SAT scores are.

    2) African and Caribbean immigrants to the US are by no stretch of the imagination identical to the general population in both continents/regions.

    If African immigrants to the US come from the upper 10% socioeconomically, which seems likely, then your findings are vitiated.

    • Chuck says:

      I discussed 2) in the last two posts. If African immigrants are from the upper 10% in SES, they are 1.3 SD above the mean. If SES correlates with IQ there as here, they are 1.3 x .5 SD above the mean in IQ. Now throw in regression. Their offspring will then be .4 SD above the mean in IQ…. less than what I stated …”I concluded that if 2nd generation Blacks in the US had IQs no lower than 3rd+ generation Whites, the genetic racial difference between Black Africans and White Europeans could be no more than 0.6 standard deviations”

      • Nyk says:

        If 1st generation Africans had their IQ not reaching full potential because of environmental factors in their childhood (like deficient nutrition), this is exacly what we would see: their children would be smarter than them, because their parents’ genes have potential to reach high IQ, but environmental conditions in Africa make it hard to reach it.

        Also, you’re putting too much emphasis on regression to the mean – you need to back up the data with statistics on who 1st gen immigrants choose as mates. If immigrant Blacks had White mates, their children would regress towards a hybrid mean. Even so, the case is not airtight. It could be that for some reason, high IQ in immigrant Black parents is achieved with the same genes. Perhaps those who have a personality willing to explore and to leave home achieve high IQ using a similar gene combination, in which case high IQ would be highly heritable.

        As Steve Sailer wrote, there is a lot of room for bias in your sample.

  2. Steve Sailer says:

    African immigrants in the U.S. tend to be from local elites. For example, I shared an office in 1981 with a charming fellow from West Africa who was working on his Ph.D. in education at UCLA. Eight of the nine children in his family had advanced degrees from European or American colleges. One had shared in the Lasker prize for cancer research. Their father had been, in colonial days, a court reporter, which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I suspect meant he was one of the most acculturated natives in the city in 1940.

    A fair percentage of accomplished blacks in America are of African immigrant background, but I’m not seeing a lot of extraordinary success as we do with, say, Indian immigrants in Silicon Valley. When that Silicon Valley blogger got in trouble for pointing out there aren’t many blacks in SV and he didn’t feel guilty about it, he was jumped on by a couple of Indians in SV, perhaps because there are so few blacks, American, West Indian, or African. But the success of Indians in America is only moderately informative about Indians in India because the selection process for legal immigration is pretty strict.

    Prominent people of West Indian descent, such as Eric Holder, Malcolm Gladwell, and Rhianna tend to be mulattos.

    In Britain, African girls do well educationally, but Jamaicans, especially boys, do poorly. Here, we don’t get as many low-brow Jamaicans as in Britain, although Barbadians seem to remain a cut above Jamaicans most everywhere.

    Finally, I’m not sure I would believe every Nigerian who self-reported his impressive academic credentials.

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