Smart Blacks

I spent the last couple of days debating race and IQ with some douche bag over at alternet. He brought up the phenomenal educational success of 1st and 2nd generation blacks (i.e., people of Black-African descent born to immigrant parents.) Apparently this isn’t a new line. I looked into the data and they, indeed, perform quite well.

(Baum and Flore)

One could try to explained this (away) as function of immigration selection, but were Africans substantially genetically deficit in IQ, the children of the presumably highly selected immigrant Africans should regress significantly downwards. To the extent the children regress upwards, environmental effects are implicated in the cause of global differences and, by inference, national differences. The situation can be seem more dramatically by comparing the performance of 1, 1.25, 1.5, and 1.75 generation African immigrants (3).

It’s a complex topic, but generally 1.5+ generation Blacks do as well or better than native whites in terms of education attainment (1,2). This isn’t something that can be dismissed. The first estimate of the Black-White gap was made by Galton, on the basis of his method of comparing rates of eminence, of which education is a form. This can be thought of in terms of La Griffe du Lion’s diversity space. IQ testes came about latter and confirmed Galton’s estimate. It would be somewhat of an embarrassment if Galton’s intellectual heirs were unable to account for departure from the predicted eminence ratios and had to fall back on hand waving….

1. Logan. “Who Are the Other African Americans? Contemporary African and Caribbean Immigrants in the United States.”
2. Baum and Flore. “Higher Education and Children in Immigrant Families.”
3. Adebowale. “Educational Disparities between the Native and Immigrant Populations in the United”

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