Make The World Flat

fringeelements’ panoptic 220 minute video on race and intelligence

1. Context of the “debate”
– Steven Jay Gould: Egalitarian Fraud (0:00)
– Franz Boas: Egalitarian Fraud (5:20)
– The Egalitarian Fiction and the Collective Fraud (11:10)
– Mainstream Science on Intelligence (16:45)
– Mainstream Science on Race (30:18)
– The Validity of Race (34:31)
2. Egalitarianism in practice
– Affirmative Action and Civil Rights (40:20)
– Black Invention Myths (46:25)
– Hate Crime Hoaxes (51:33)
– The Lynching and Police Discrimination Myths (55:58)
– South Africa (1:01:18)
– Non-European Immigrant Populations (1:13:04)
– Questions for Egalitarians (1:19:17)
3. Basic Principles
– Ecological Correlation (1:22:14)
– Validity of IQ (1:25:38)
– Test Bias (1:26:48)
– Controlling for Socioeconomic Status (1:28:57)
– Heritability of IQ (1:29:49)
– The Flynn Effect (1:37:15)
– Egalitarian Backbone Fallacies (1:39:43)
– Not Enough Genetic Distance (1:43:26)
4. Race and IQ
– Broad Arc of Data (1:47:07)
– Concepts and Science (1:53:19)
– A Review (1:55:25)
– The Default Position (1:57:10)
– Dog Breeds, Human Races and Double Standards (1:57:31)
– Prevalence of Myopia by Race (2:00:32)
– Gene Amplification (2:29:39)
– Regression to the Mean (2:35:42)
– Brain Size (2:39:52)
– Intermediate race, intermediate IQ (2:48:17)
– Eyferth (2:51:21)
– Nutrition (2:53:21)
– Abecedarian Project (2:57:12)
– Is the gap narrowing? (2:58:52)
– Stereotype Threat (3:00:37)
– Guns, Germs, Steel and Red Herrings (3:06:00)
– You can raise your IQ! (3:11:02)
– Correlation is not Causation (3:12:59)
– You can’t find every gene associated with intelligence! (3:15:23)
5. Conclusion
– Who’s the creationist (3:20:12)
– Make the World Flat (3:33:41)

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9 Responses to Make The World Flat

  1. Ryan Faulk says:

    Hello, you emailed me on youtube. I actually read your blog quite a bit and used things you cited. I would be happy to start a collaborative project.

    One thing I have been considering is a “moving forward” strategy. Perhaps by getting into more complex issues and explaining the world from a racial heredetarian perspective, the uselessness of egalitarianism can be revealed just by trying to use both theories.

    I was thinking of a “making sense of the world” movie, that talks about why some countries are poorer than others and what the effects of mass immigration are / will continue to be.

  2. This is a hugely valuable collection of information, but audio is tedious and inconvenient. Need a hypertext version.

  3. “sources are in the description”

    Where is the description?

  4. James says:

    In the description of the YouTube video.

    Ryan, what would you think of a HBD forum and/or wiki? Or do you prefer YouTube?

    • Ryan Faulk says:

      Well I think a wiki would be a great idea. I have zero experience with wikis, but I would certainly advertise for it. Forum… meh.

      Amassing publicly accessible information on this would be invaluable.

  5. nikcrit says:

    quick off-topic@Chuck,

    Hey Chuck
    how’re you doing? just thought i’d pass along the following link to let you know you’re thoughts and rep are still growing! 🙂

    • Chuck says:

      Thanks Nikcrit,

      Actually, I haven’t been posting on or looking into this web of issues much. I’ve been rather focused on trying to find a cure for my encephalopathy. Maybe I’ll post on the nootropics that I’ve been experimenting with.

      • nikcrit says:

        Yes, I noticed you seemed to be taking a posting break …..

        Well, god bless and best of wishes in your finding a cure.

  6. Kiwiguy says:

    Good luck Chuck, with your formidable analytical abilities I’m sure you’ll be able to identify the best treatment path.

    Best wishes,


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