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Make The World Flat

fringeelements’ panoptic 220 minute video on race and intelligence 1. Context of the “debate” – Steven Jay Gould: Egalitarian Fraud (0:00) – Franz Boas: Egalitarian Fraud (5:20) – The Egalitarian Fiction and the Collective Fraud (11:10) – Mainstream Science on … Continue reading

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“World’s Best Countries” world’s smartest countries

National IQs explain 70% of the variance in Newsweek’s (2010) list of “World’s best countries” [1]. Newsweek’s criterion were (Education, Health, Quality of Life, Economic Dynamism, Political Environment). This isn’t particularly surprising since Newsweek’s scale closely matches with Lynn and … Continue reading

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IQ & malleability, again

Someone pointed me to a recent study — Ramsden et al (2011) — which seems to have gotten a bit of press (e.g. “Congressman Fattah Cites Study Showing Malleability of IQ in Teenage Brains“). [To summarize the study: 33 kids … Continue reading

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Vanhanen on National IQs and their future

Vanhanen, 2011. National IQs and their demographic correlates National IQs calculated by Richard Lynn on the basis of intelligence tests carried out in many countries of the world measure differences in average mental abilities of nations. His cold winters theory … Continue reading

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