The State of White America

Here’s Murray’s discussion of the social pathologies afflicting contemporary White America: The State of White America (2011)

While concerned about the state of America in general, Murray purposely focused on Whites so as to avoid controversy about race. Nonetheless, he was denigrated for speaking of White pathologies on a day when, apparently, he should have been paying homage to the patron saint of multiculturalism.

Talk about the state of White America.

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One Response to The State of White America

  1. nikcrit says:

    After watching the lecture and looking up some reviews, I stumbled upon this article, published by a regular stringer whose expertise apparently, involves psychology, as he typically writes about that topic for the Times.
    Anyhow, I realize the article is old (’88) and probably has had many of its suppositions disproven since then, but I wonder if this piece and the Ogbu references sort-of unofficially marked the inception of ‘Stereotype Threat,’ etc. e.g., if so, or to whatever degree, I’ve learned over the years that’s it’s often very interesting to see the sort of milestone moments when a relatively complicted academic issue, discipline, phenomenon, etc. ‘meets the mainstream,’ so to speak, and enters the popular vernacular; at that moment in such pieces is where you so often find ‘founding’ misinterpretations, misconceptions, elusions, etc., that eventually come to curse the topic forevermore…
    Anyhow, here’s the link to the piece, which may be sort-of interesting to consider in the aforementioned light; I do recall how contentious this topic was at that time —– and this, I believe, was a few years before Murray dropped his bombshell, i believe.

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