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Richwine on the “Diversity Lottery”

No place for a “Diversity Lottery” in a Rational Immigration Policy By Jason Richwine, July 28, 2011 The House Judiciary Committee recently approved H.R. 704, a bill that would abolish a provision of U.S. immigration law called the Diversity Immigrant … Continue reading

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National IQs, immigration

Garret Jones has a new paper out — “National IQ and National Productivity: The Hive Mind Across Asia” — on national IQs. Here were his comments with regards to immigration: In a recent paper, Putterman and Weil (2010) find that … Continue reading

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A bastion of hereditarianism

The journal of Personality and Individual Differences remains a bastion of hereditarianism, which is perhaps not surprising given that Tony Vernon, who has co-authored a number of papers with Phillip Rushton, and Sybil Eysenck, widow of Hans Eysenck, are the … Continue reading

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The State of White America

Here’s Murray’s discussion of the social pathologies afflicting contemporary White America: The State of White America (2011) While concerned about the state of America in general, Murray purposely focused on Whites so as to avoid controversy about race. Nonetheless, he … Continue reading

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Kinship studies vindicated

Gone unmentioned is that the recent GWAS study of IQ undermines Flynn and Dickens’ often cited model of IQ, according to which differences within and between population are quite malleable. As Flynn explains, the model is based on the idea … Continue reading

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Admixture studies discussed by Shuey (1966)

I summarized the 16 admixture studies discussed by Shuey in “The Testing of Negro Intelligence (1966)” and updated my discussion of these: “To support his claim, Nisbett sidesteps 7 studies that showed a large relation between indexes of white admixture … Continue reading

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