Affirmative Action Squeeze

Kevin pithily summarizes the problem:

It is immoral to create a situation in which White populations are trapped between affirmative action for low-intelligent groups (Blacks, Arabs, American Mestizos) and competition with hardworking, relatively intelligent Northeast Asians. For example, recently Blacks entering UCLA had SAT scores that were on average 300 points below White and Asian students. At the other end of the achievement curve, 46% of the undergraduates at the University of California’s flagship university, UC-Berkeley, are Asians despite the fact that Asians are only 12% of the state population.

The only way out, of course — to the extent there is one — is to establish proximate cause and, thereby, undermine the ideology of Institutional Racism. Affirmative action, of course, will be justified on other grounds — see, for example, Blimkin et al., 2009 Incorporating Affirmative Action into the Welfare State — but without the ideology of Institutional Racism
these ground will be less firm and, more importantly, liberals will be forced to choose between two kinds of liberty; ideologically, they will be cleaved in 2.

Let us review the Respectable Position:

From: Thurler, 2011. Whites Believe They Are Victims of Racism More Often Than Blacks: In Zero Sum Game, “Reverse Racism” Seen as Bigger Problem than Anti-Black Racism. Tufts Now. May 23, 2011

Whites believe that they have replaced blacks as the primary victims of racial discrimination in contemporary America, according to a new study from researchers at Tufts University’s School of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Business School. The findings, say the authors, show that America has not achieved the “post-racial” society that some predicted in the wake of Barack Obama’s election.

It’s a pretty surprising finding when you think of the wide range of disparities that still exist in society, most of which show black Americans with worse outcomes than whites in areas such as income, home ownership, health and employment,” said Tufts Associate Professor of Psychology Samuel Sommers, Ph.D., co-author of “Whites See Racism as a Zero-sum Game that They Are Now Losing,” which appears in the May 2011 issue of the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science.

Respectable position: Blacks and Hispanics have worse outcomes because of discrimination. Affirmative Actions and Adverse Impact Laws are forms of compensations for this. As such, only in a perverted sense could one say that whites are being discriminated against. Any complaints by the White Middle class is a manifestation of bigotry.

Problem: Because of the massive and growing Hispanic population, the situation is untenable.
Problem: The Hispanic “right” to affirmative action is impossible to challenge with the The ideology of Institutional Racism in place.
Problem: The only way to challenge The ideology of Institutional Racism is to establish proximate cause.
Problem: Many Academics are aware of the research on GMA and outcome differences (See the following dozen articles: Viswesvaran and Ones, ed. 2004. Human Performance: Role of General Mental Ability in Industry, Word, and Organizational Psychology); being liberal, they nonetheless remain quite about it. Many others are oblivious. Others still are determined not to accept it; they condone the relentless slander and vilification of Middle class Whites. This suggests that research findings alone can not alter things: activism needs to be embraced; academia needs to be circumvented.
Problem: The Ideology of Institutional Racism relies on the vilification and demoralization of middle class white people.
Problem: The most plausible way to circumvent academia is to go to the everyday Joes. However, it’s difficult to rile them up when they are demoralized.

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One Response to Affirmative Action Squeeze

  1. Kiwiguy says:

    ***The most plausible way to circumvent academia is to go to the everyday Joes.***

    And to have a few more William Saletan’s writing articles which accurately reflect GMA and outcome differences 🙂

    In the meantime I think visiting mainstream forums whenever there are discussions about achievement gaps or related subjects.

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