The amount of basic disagreement on this topic is incredible:

PS: We should be careful when we bring height into discussions of human intelligence. In height, unlike intelligence, it is reasonable that there may be substantial genetic differences between populations. Differences between animal size and shape in different climates are well-established in zoology, and it is unlikely that man would be an exception in this case. Unfortunately, we cannot use our zoological insight to address the intelligence issue, since man is the only cognitively advanced species on the planet [Dienekes seems not to have been aware of the comparative research. (See table 19.3 in Chabris, 2007.) (Dienekes, 2006. Decreasing ethnic differences in height.


Selection pressure cannot have remained the same after human dispersals out of Africa and the Upper Paleolithic revolution, especially since the rise of agriculture, domestication, money, and institutionalized monogamy. These changes may not have had enough time to produce complex, new, cross-culturally universal psychological adaptations…but they could have had dramatic effects on the patters of genetic variations underlying personality, psychopathology, and cognitive traits.

New mutations that happen to have beneficial effects on one trait are likely to have pleiotropic effects on other traits that reduce their net fitness benefits by a factor of two, on average (Otto, 2004). For example, if selection in favor of general intelligence suddenly became more intense in some populations, this could have favored the spread of new IQ-boosting alleles even if those alleles have a range of harmful side-effects on physical or mental health that [.] Miller. Are Pleiotropic Mutations and Holocene Selective Sweeps the Only Evolutionary-genetic Processes Left for Explaining Heritable Variation p.385-387. Human Psychological Traits? The Evolution of Personality and Individual Differences. Buss and Hawley, ed. 2010

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