The biological Right

The biological Right is the political faction that opposes left egalitarianism on the grounds of biological determinism.


The biological Right contends “we can’t” in response to the left egalitarian’s “we should.” Example:


I am here this evening in the capacity of a wet blanket. I am here not to take one side or the other on the topic under debate, but to say that the topic, as written, is based on a false premise, and therefore has no satisfactory answer. I don’t believe the disparities under discussion can be eliminated. Debate about whether government should play a greater or lesser role in eliminating them is therefore, in my opinion, otiose.


The biological Right is ineffective. In response to “we can’t,” the egalitarian left replies:

“But we can”
“We can always try”
“You can’t prove we can’t”
“You just don’t want to, because you’re bad”

The last statement leads biological rightists to declare: “I wish we could, but we just can’t” — to which the egalitarian left retorts: “But since you have no proof that we can’t, and since this and that finding suggests we might be able to, you agree we should try, right?”

The proper response to the egalitarian left is “I wish otherwise.” I will otherwise.

Opposition must be grounded in Will. But a will requires a willing entity, an “I” and “we.”

For there to be effective opposition to egalitarian leftism, there must be a we who will otherwise.

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3 Responses to The biological Right

  1. Bruce Charlton says:


  2. icr says:

    The egalitarian left leads to the Holodomor.

  3. Doug1 says:

    I don’t share the egalitarian imperative as a goal even. Instead I think we should encourage everyone to achieve closer to their potential. Whether than narrows or widens achievement gaps I don’t much care.

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