Why I’m not PC

From: Are you PC?: Our Opinion/ Discrimination is defined in the eye of the white beholder

Although the outcomes are clearly unequal, the argument for why we see disproportionate numbers of people of color on the losing end of this equation is frequently disconnected from race; especially by those who’ve been indoctrinated into the PC world—to ignore race and race issues.

I imagine that the author is sincere, which is what worries me. She notices various racial disproportionalities and she notices that the liberal establishment tries to disconnect race from differences. She senses subterfuge. And she’s right.

For those who wish to ignore factors of race and discrimination the only conclusions to be drawn from disparate treatments and outcomes between races is that the victims of discrimination are somehow to blame themselves. This blame manifests in stereotypes; the shared belief that people of color are more likely to be violent, poor, get pregnant young, use drugs, go to jail, fail in school, be fired from work, have poor credit, etc. But the illusion that such different outcomes between whites and people of color have nothing to do with race is just that: an illusion.

If we replace “discrimination” with “disproportionality,” her point, that it makes no sense to blame people of color for their plight, is essentially correct. I tried to illustrate that here. Take a closer look at what I call the Sowell Loop, named after the main proponent of this failed line of reasoning:

Being poor, going to jail, failing in school, being fired from work, having poor credit, etc. are life events that most people, including most colored people, do not want to be associated with. Contending that Colored People are because they choose them or because they are too lazy to avoid them, when they continually assert otherwise is not a compelling line of argument. It leads to:

Despite this fact, conservative and progressive whites still fail to act. Presumably because of misinformation or because as whites it is not in their own self interest to do so….

….When it comes to race and issues of discrimination in American society, we are horribly lost. Political correctness is no longer a tool to quell discrimination but instead a tool to perpetuate it. And the negative stereotypes are supported by irresponsible media who racially profile as well as the public’s desire to maintain the status quo institutionalized racism that is deeply ingrained in our history and psyches.

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One Response to Why I’m not PC

  1. Kiwiguy says:

    Hey, I haven’t had a chance to read this yet but this is interesting just in terms of the sheer number of authors who were involved in it (some familiar hbd names like Pinker, Linda Gottfredson, Jelte Wicherts, Ian Deary etc).


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