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Shades of Gobineau. Ashford and Hibbing, 2007. The New Empirical Biopolitics Comparative politics could be greatly assisted by recognition of the fact that groups of people are genetically distinct from other groups of people. To provide a concrete illustration, we … Continue reading

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Taking compassionate reactionism offline

(I’m not a compassionate reactionist myself — just a passionate anti-antirac-ist.) Courtesy of Unamused (PDF version: flyer2_intelligence_gap)

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A villainless crime?

When those such as Sam Sommers speak of or allude to racism and institutional racism as being the cause of disproportionalities are they picturing a villainless crime? Perhaps I differ from them in that I assume otherwise. I reason, perhaps … Continue reading

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Sommers, Politics of Guilt

Here’s Sommers on why ordinary Whites complain about racial discrimination: Jockeying for Stigma If anything, many whites now believe that it’s anti-white bias that’s on an upswing, to the point where it’s even more prevalent than anti-black bias — a … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding heritability

(I’ll bury this post later) Scott Kaufman has an awful piece on Heritability over at Huffpost as per my expectations. To go over 6 of 8 of his points: 1. There is no nature/nurture question Kaufmann: “Twin studies partition the … Continue reading

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Test it!

Here’s Nisbett again: The achievement gap between blacks and whites owes nothing to genetics. It is not solely due to discrimination or social-class differences between blacks and whites. It is due in good part to environmental differences between blacks and … Continue reading

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Case in point

As I have pointed out prior, if you want to complain about BRA (Black Run American) or AntiEuropean discrimination and you don’t want people to look at you as if you just took off your sheets, you have to establish … Continue reading

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Das Grablied

To kill ME, did they strangle you, ye singing birds of my hopes! Yea, at you, ye dearest ones, did malice ever shoot its arrows—to hit my heart! And they hit it! Because ye were always my dearest, my possession … Continue reading

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The biological Right

The biological Right is the political faction that opposes left egalitarianism on the grounds of biological determinism. . .. … The biological Right contends “we can’t” in response to the left egalitarian’s “we should.” Example: Derbyshire: I am here this … Continue reading

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Progressive achievement gaps

Environmentalists are experts at reframing evidence in their favor. The finding that Blacks that look more negro are less intelligent than those that look more Caucasian becomes evidence against the genetic hypothesis (Nisbett). An only slight decrease in the Black-white … Continue reading

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