Nations have personalities, too.

Prior, I posted on personality differences between US racial groups in the big 5 . Here’s the global pattern. (I’m pretty busy so I don’t have time to comment on this now).

Schmitt et al., 2007. THE GEOGRAPHIC DISTRIBUTION OF BIG FIVE PERSONALITY TRAITS Patterns and Profiles of Human Self-Description Across 56 Nations

Look at the number of co-authors on this. (Over 120).

For previous research on this, Refer to: Allik and McCrae, 2004. TOWARD A GEOGRAPHY OF PERSONALITY TRAITS Patterns of Profiles Across 36 Cultures

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4 Responses to Nations have personalities, too.

  1. Kiwiguy says:

    Hey, what happened to your post on getting information out there?

  2. RS says:

    These data seem rather inaccurate.

    • Chuck says:

      I’m skeptical myself. But the problem is neither the data nor the analysis. 120+ authors are not going to make a trivial mistake in analysis. The problem would be the cross cultural meaning of the personality tests.

  3. Meng Hu says:

    Richard Lynn confirms that this “openness traits” scores are somewhat true.
    page 1,
    “How can we explain why the Europeans have been so preeminent in creative achievement although they have a lower average IQ and lower school performance in mathematics and science than the North East Asians ?”
    page 2,
    “Reading the table from the left, the first column gives the means for 35 countries populated largely by Europeans. The median score for these European countries is 50.10. The second column gives the means for 5 North East Asian countries together with Vietnamese. Notice that these are all the major North East Asian countries, except for North Korea. The Vietnamese are entered here because this sample consisted of Vietnamese immigrants in the United States who had left Vietnam after the communist takeover. These were largely ethnic Chinese who fled persecution. It will be seen that these North East Asian populations have a median score of 44.15 and all of them score well below the European median. Only the Ukraine among the European countries scored below the North East Asian median.”
    page 3,
    “The third column gives the means for 11 South Asian countries together with Morocco, placed in this group because Moroccans are racially close to South Asians. The median score of this group is 49.2 and is slightly below the European. The fourth column gives the means for 6 countries of sub-Saharan Africa. All of these scored below the European mean and obtained a median score of 47.4. The fifth column gives the means for 4 countries of Latin America. The median score of 51.0 is virtually identical to the European median of 50.1.”

    (I’m surprised by chinese low score for Conscientiousness and Agreeableness traits. I always believe that the opposite should be true…)

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