In press

The following papers in press might be of interest to some of you:

Nyborg, 2011. The decay of Western civilization: Double relaxed Darwinian Selection
Thomson, 2011. Richard Lynn’s contributions to personality and intelligence
Nyborg, 2011. A conversation with Richard Lynn.
Rushton, 2011. Life history theory and race differences: An appreciation of Richard Lynn’s contributions to science

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8 Responses to In press

  1. JL says:

    It’s interesting that a journal like Personality and Individual Differences would devote a special issue to a prominent crime-thinker like Richard Lynn. Then again, its editors-in-chief are Hans Eysenck’s widow (how old is she???) and Thomas Vernon, who studied under Arthur Jensen.

    In general, it seems that the racialist perspective in psychometrics is not faring well these days. This is because all the big names are getting really old (Jensen is almost 90, Lynn is 80, Rushton and Murray are nearing 70, etc.). You don’t really see anymore the kind of psychometrically sophisticated defenses of racialism that Jensen and his collaborators used to publish when they were younger. It’s a great shame and pity that David Rowe died so young. The younger generation is too timid to publish anything politically incorrect. Of course, the race-denialist position is not faring any better, but that’s not due to lack of trying but because they’re wrong.

    • Chuck says:

      I agree that there’s no psychometrically oriented younger crowd of race realists. Maybe Kanazawa (49) — also, Rindermann (42) is sympathetic. But there’s no one like Jensen. Generally, the future of racial research — to the extent there is a future — will lie with the Asians. They’re much less inhibited — much of the issue here is that the Western elite decided to go transnational. Possible findings are dangerous until they mix things up enough.

      It’s the same in population genetics. Article after article that I come across comes up with reasons for why races really aren’t races: not enough fst distance, nested populations, everyone’s mixing now, race was already disproven, not discrete enough differences, etc..

      Speaking of which — do you know much about fst?

  2. Harmonious Jim says:

    One of the linked articles says that the next wave of research should be on race differences in personality. Chuck, any chance of a post on that subject telling us what’s known so far?

  3. Kiwiguy says:

    Thanks for posting these.

    JL, I agree about David C Rowe. He did some really interesting work. I agree with Chuck that asian researchers will probably lead the way in this area.

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