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Colorism — So much for Franz Boas

“The greatest hope for the immediate future lies in a lessening of the contrast between Negroes and whites. … Intermixture will decrease the contrast between extreme racial forms. … In a race of octoroons, living among whites, the color question … Continue reading

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An unbelievably non-antiracist article over at American Thinker

A commenter inquired as to why I considered this article to be unbelievable. This is why: American Thinker is a Zionist conservative magazine. Over the last couple of years, it has been moving towards social Conservativism and away from neoconservatism). … Continue reading

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Puzzles and paradoxes

Puzzles and paradoxes (Or: If I was teaching a critical creative thinking class) I. Historic Differences A. There are/were historic technological differences which correlate with geography [1]. B. The contemporaneous technological differences correlate with differences circa 1000 BC [2] II. … Continue reading

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Big G differences: less input or smaller (g)s?

More thoughts on National IQs and HBD 1. IQ (g) differences between individuals can represent either: (a) environmentally produced biological differences (b) gene-environmentally produced biological differences (c) genetically produced biological differences* 2. The Big G differences between Nations (i.e national … Continue reading

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Globalism, Immigration, etc.

Sailer posted on a renewed push for Japan to open up it’s immigration policy. A commenter asked: “The question is, why do they keep pushing this lie? What is their goal? Why is it so important to the Washington Post … Continue reading

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Alpha-Lipoic Acid increases IQ

I’ve been battling a relatively mild form of Mitochondrial encephalopathy (for about a decade since college) so I take a number of pharmaceutical grade supplements (COQ10, DHA, Alpha-lipoic Acid, L-carnatine, etc). Sooner than latter, I’ll be to heading off to … Continue reading

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Then and now — how little some things change

Putnam, 1967. Race and reality. Gazing at the embers of my fire seemed to offer no solution to this mystery, but the riddle plagued me. What prompted the vast majority of liberals and a large number—probably a majority —of conservatives … Continue reading

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the indirect argument

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