The Race concept, alive and well in the good old PR of C

Jewamongyou sagaciously says: There are far more Asians in the world than there are whites. If a majority of Asians (even just East Asians) accept HBD, then those whites who continue to cling to their dusty and useless racial equalitarianist beliefs would find themselves increasingly isolated and marginalized.

Based on my experience, Zhou sixpack doesn’t have an inkling about HBD, let alone genetics in general; what matters, though, is what the academics think. On that note:

Wang, Štrkalj, and Sun, 2002. The status of the race concept in Chinese biological anthropology.

To determine whether the concept of race was utilized we used the criteria developed by Cartmill (1998:654) in a similar survey of articles published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology: “ ‘Racial categories,’ as defined here, include traditional racial taxa (‘Australoids’), self‐contradictory geographical descriptions (‘Australian Europeans’), ethnic identifications inferred by the researcher by just looking at the people, and any groupings in terms of supposed historical origins rather than observable characteristics.” When we applied Cartmill’s approach to the Chinese sample we found that all of the articles used the race concept and none of them questioned its value. Since these active researchers are also members of the teaching staffs at various educational institutions, it is very likely that this attitude will be transmitted to the next generation of Chinese scientists.

Wang, Štrkalj, and Sun, 2003.: On the concept of race in Chinese biological Anthropology: alive and well.

The AA. examine the status of the concept of race in China through a survey of research papers in Acta Anthropologica Sinica, China’s only journal dedicated to biological anthropology. The survey leads to the conclusion that the concept of race is deeply rooted and uncritically accepted in Chinese biological anthropology.

Lieberman et al., 2004. The race concept in six regions: variation without consensus

In 1937, Y. Chen, Director of the Medical College of Tongji University proposed that cranial weight was the valid indicator of the degree of civilization, stating that: “If we compare the cranial weights of different people, the civilized are somewhat heavier than the savages, and the Chinese brain is slightly heavier than the European brain.” [Funny that.]….Race is a reality in Chinese science.

Zhou sixpack meets HBD

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One Response to The Race concept, alive and well in the good old PR of C

  1. Sophia says:

    You have to understand, though: these Chinese race scientists are just stooges of the Klan conspiracy which dominates the world.

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