More HBD skepticism

The more I look into the international data, the more skeptical I become about certain HBD theories. Take, for example, the South African WAIS (2001) standardization. While I see a pattern of differences, it’s surely not of the magnitude that I would expect based on some theories.

Gaylard, 2005.

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3 Responses to More HBD skepticism

  1. statsquatch says:

    It is a convenience sample and a fairly small sample. Not that would keep Lynn from over interpreting it.

  2. Sophia says:

    Yeah, ’cause it’s the Lynns, Jensens, and Rushtons who aren’t being subjected to nearly enough skepticism and “skepticism!”

    Seriously, this doesn’t impress as far as swaying me away from hereditarian explanations, which are by far the most plausible. It’s far from just IQ or the size of the gaps; it’s the persistence of correlations which repeat in the same basic patterns. It’s really the dogmatic racial egals who are making the claims that should require extraordinary evidence. Blacks in South Africa, for example, are empirically violent DRASTICALLY beyond the normal peacetime standards of any White or Asian society. I mean, in comparison, they make sex gaps in violent crime look insignificant! It’s silly how ‘anti-racists’ often just insult the messenger of a troubling truth as if that’s going to make it go away. It’s way better to face reality sooner rather than later, since by later another few million women and children will likely have been raped and/or murdered. And you know what, that’s a shitload worse than “racism.”

    • Chuck says:

      I’m trying to figure out the structural racism explanation for the B-W pyschomotor gap. I’ve come across a number of studies — independent of Rushton that found it both in the US and Africa and in infants and toddlers, so it’s unlikely (or as I say, highly improbable) that it’s due to West SS African-Americans being “forcing” into an athletic culture. Ainsworth, 1963, Bayley (1965), Liddicoat (1969), Curtis et al, (1935), Falade (1955), Gerber (1956), Kilbride (1969), Knobloch and Passmanick (1958), Masse (1969), Walter (1967), Willians and Scott (1953), etc.

      Discussion of that gap are now only obliquely referenced to — I’ll have to dig into it. If I have to prove that Afran’s are “physiologically superior” to prove HBD, I will. (I love how the name African Americans was coined for Blacks; that really helps circumvent the “you honestly think that group X could do Y, just because they are a different color (i.e. blacks = whites with suntans.)”

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