Adopt an (East) Asian?

I’ve been looking into the international/ethnic adoption literature. Apparently, adopted East Asians excel in Europe too. Here was the conclusion from one Swedish study:

There were considerable differences between adoptees from different geographical regions withbetter outcomes in many respects for children fromthe Far East, in this context mainly South Korea. Sim-ilar positive adjustment results concerning Asian adoptees have been presented previously. For instance, an excellent prognosis concerning adjustmentand identity development in Chinese adoptees in Britain was described (Bagley, 1993). A Dutch group recently presented data about academic achievementand intelligence in 7-year-old children adopted in infancy (Stams, Juffer, Rispens, & Hoksbergen, 2000).The South Korean group had high IQs with 31% above a score of 120. Pre- and postnatal care before adoption seems to be particularly well organized in South Korea (Kim, 1995), which may be one important reason for the positive outcome. The differences among the geographic regions may also, however, be due to a large number of other factors such as differences in nutrition, motives behind the adoption, quality of care in the orphanage–foster home before the adoption, genetic dispositions, and Swedish prejudices against “foreign-looking” people. Another explanation may be a larger number of younger infantsin the South Korean group. However, that is not pos-sible to verify from our register data

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