I was recently mentioned on WUMB’s Commonwealth Journal. (starts at 22:46)

Pete Taylor: The most recent emergence that I have noted… someone responding to a blog I started to write said: “Oh ya, people came out of Africa, right, but then there were some mutations … and those mutations that only the Europeans and the Asian have, that’s what makes them smarter.

[Actually, I said that differential selection pressure most probably led to differential genotypic encoded phenotypic frequencies. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough.]

Speaker: “Oh dear.”

Peter Taylor: “He couldn’t let go of the idea that we were just part of this enormous variation. In Africa there is enormous variation that swamps all of the rest of the variation combined.

[No doubt. Yet we are talking about subsets of that enormous pot of genotypic variation and asking if any of the phenotypic differences between them have a partial genotypic basis.]

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  1. Max says:

    It does not inspire confidence when Peter Taylor is the same person in change of the “Critical and Creative Thinking (CCT) Graduate Program” of UMB.

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