Updated and moved that HH stuff to Stuff Liberal People Hate.

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  1. nikcrit says:

    hey chuck.
    agreed. is your specific point and contention here still widely debated in your field. it seems to me that the debate has somewhat moved beyond that point, and is now more often in the realm of what we discussed a lot at GW: that the statistical difference and correlations are valid —– but that the core definitions and attributes themselves are what are up for grabs, debate and are inconclusive, no?

  2. Chuck says:


    Very rarely is the issue debated. And many people — in academia, mind you — consider the HH definitively disproved . Most people outside of select fields know little about the established correlations. I didn’t until I came across some research in organizational psychology, which lead me to Guy White and down that rabbit hole.

    So you’re right that the issue is unsettled and that, for the most part, the evidence for the HH, or at least a weak version of it, is more or less about as strong as the evidence against it. The HH post is just meant to establish that there is something to talk about.

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